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Web based Help Desk Software

List of Help Desk Software solutions that are web based: accessed and managed from a browser. This is the software to use if you need a Help Desk for your web business and want to communicate with your website visitors/customers.

» Web based Help Desk Software:

Cerberus Helpdesk Rated 4.5(8 votes)

Cerberus Helpdesk 4.0 (Cerb4) is the current result of over 6 years of continuous software evolution, aimed at improving both group e-mail in the browser and efficient PHP5/MySQL software design.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

eTicket Rated 4.3(9 votes)

eTicket is a PHP-based electronic support ticket system that can receive tickets via email (pop3/pipe) or a web form. It also offers a ticket manager with many features.
Freeware | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

SupportTrio No ratings yet

A central ticketing system that organizes and balances your emails / requests. Users can email any number of email addresses or submit their tickets from the web based interface.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Kayako Rated 5.0(3 votes)

Establish an integrated support platform with Kayako's affordable, business-class software. Manage your entire support operation, integrate your e-mail and even manage multiple support desks.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

PerlDesk Rated 1.0(1 votes)

A fully featured help desk system that is an ideal solution for companies with more than one technician who support several users.
Commercial | Language: Perl | Details | Visit

Ace Helpdesk No ratings yet

PHP based help desk application by which the programmers can construct helpdesk in their website inorder to give support to the site visitors. Offers various features.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Omnistar Live No ratings yet

Omnistar Live is web based PHP help desk software used by webmasters that combines live chat and helpdesk software in one easy to use solution.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Help Desk Lite Rated 3.5(4 votes)

Very simple help desk software package for basic issue tracking. It provides two major functions, service ticket tracking and operator assignment.
Freeware | Language: Perl | Details | Visit

Help Spot No ratings yet

A PHP based help desk tool that uses the MySQL or PostgreSQL database.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Liberum Help Desk Rated 4.5(2 votes)

Web based help desk software package written in ASP and VBScript. Microsoft SQL Server or Access is required. Automatic case routing, email updates, and reporting.
Freeware | Language: ASP | Details | Visit

Web Help Desk Rated 5.0(3 votes)

A Help Desk solution that address typical IT support areas, such as Incident and problem management, desktop management and workflow.
Commercial | Language: Java | Details | Visit

Help Desk Pilot Rated 4.0(2 votes)

A rich featured helpdesk software that uses PHP and My SQL.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

One or zero No ratings yet

Open source help desk software package optimized for task oriented help desks.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

e11 help desk No ratings yet

e11 help desk software provide solutions for Customer Supports, IT and Call centers
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Dapper Desk No ratings yet

Dapper Desk is an encompassing IT management software tool that uses PHP and MySQL as database.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Polar helpdesk Rated 5.0(2 votes)

A web based help desk software, which is around 5 years in market now, and it has been implemented in more than 700 companies worldwide.
Commercial | Language: .Net | Details | Visit

Flextic No ratings yet

Flextic is a powerful helpdesk management application based on ticket system that offers more personalization function, easy to use client interface for your visitors, manage ticket, faq,
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

EnterpriseWizard Rated 5.0(2 votes)

Includes all the functionality necessary to provide pro-active support and satisfy the needs of the enterprise.
Commercial | Language: J2EE | Details | Visit

Layton Service Desk Rated 2.5(6 votes)

Built to offer companies an affordable, powerful and customizable help desk software solution.
Commercial | Language: ASP.NET | Details | Visit

Web+Center No ratings yet

Web+Center is a suite of 5 web-based help desk, customer support and Sales CRM applications
Commercial | Language: ASP - VB | Details | Visit

Web+Center Rated 5.0(2 votes)

Web+Center is open source, web-based IT help desk software that runs onsite or in the cloud. With access to 100% of the source code, users can create the ideal customized solution for their needs.
Freeware | Language: ASP | Details | Visit

Rhea Helpdesk Solution No ratings yet

Provide a single point of contact to your end-users for all support functions with the Rhea Helpdesk Solution. Ideal for SMEs with an easy to use interface and a whole range of features as standard
Commercial | Language: .NET C# MVC3 | Details | Visit

Jitbit Hosted Helpdesk Rated 5.0(2 votes)

The hosted version of Jitbit Helpdesk simple and full-featured ticketing system for your support team.
Freeware | Language: ASP.NET | Details | Visit

Casengo Rated 5.0(1 votes)

The small and simple CRM live chat app for your website!
Freeware | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Help Desk Software Rated 3.5(2 votes)

Help Desk Premier is a premium web-based help desk software application that is network and cloud enabled.
Freeware | Language: | Details | Visit

Help Sumo No ratings yet

The web based customer support software helps to ease people change as a customer of yours.
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit

Vision Helpdesk No ratings yet

Help Desk and Service Desk Software with Cloud based and Download Version
Commercial | Language: PHP | Details | Visit


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